Knowledge base on Invisalign® method

Find out more about treatment with Invisalign® method and Straight Teeth Clinic!

Is treatment with Invisalign® available all over the world? Where is it most popular?

Treatment with Invisalign® method is directly available in over 45 countries, majority from Europe, also from the United States, Canada, China, Japan and Asia-Pacific countries, it’s present also in the Middle East and Latin America.

How many patients have been already undergoing treatment with Invisalign® method? For how many years has this method been used in the world ?

Producer of Invisalign® aligners, Align Technology Inc. has been established in 1997. Since that time almost 7 million patients from all over the world have been using Invisalign® method

What are the Invisalign® aligners made of and how do they look?

Invisible aligners in Invisalign® system are made of strong thermoplastic SmartTrack® material of medical class, prepared especially for the purposes of modern orthodontics. Aligners are adjusted to each individual patient and fit perfectly to his teeth.

How to clean the aligners?

Aligners should be cleaned with toothbrush and rinsed with warm water. Brushing teeth after each meal before putting on the aligners is crucial as it enables proper oral hygiene. When using traditional dental braces this hygiene is hindered.

Are there any dietary restrictions during treatment with Invisalign® method?

No. As opposed to traditional wires and clasps, during treatment with Invisalign® you can eat everything because the aligners are removed before eating and drinking. It also facilitates brushing and flossing teeth after each meal and keeping proper oral hygiene.

How often the aligners should be put on?

Aligners should be worn by patients all the time, with exception of meals and brushing as well as flossing teeth. It is recommended to wear the aligners 22 hours a day.

Do the aligners influence the speech?

Majority of patients do not raise issues with any speech impediments. However, similarly to treatment with traditional dental braces, patients need time to adjust to having something new on the teeth.

Can you smoke while wearing the aligners?

It is not recommended to smoke when the aligners are worn as it may cause stains or decolouration of orthodontic aligners

How to start Invisalign® treatment?

You should start from making an appointment at our Clinic to have an initial consultation. During one of the first visits a plan of straightening teeth together with visualisations with the use of 3D technologies are presented starting from the initial position until the final effect that will be accomplished after the treatment.

What is the minimum age qualifying patient to Invisalign® treatment?

Thanks to gained experience specialists at Straight Teeth Clinic can use the system to straighten teeth of the majority of adults and teenagers. Our teenage patients may use special product called   Invisalign Teen® that was designed especially for children and adolescents ensuring better parental supervision over wearing the aligners.

Can you chew a gum while wearing aligners?

It is not recommended to chew a gum while wearing the aligners as it can be stuck to the aligners. It is recommended to take out the aligners before each meal or snack.

Is treatment with Invisalign® method available at each dentist or orthodontist?

Each dentist or orthodontist interested in treatment of patients with Invisalign® system has to undergo an appropriate training. It is important to choose experienced doctor and Clinic that applies the Invisalign system successfully.