Why Invisalign® method?

Clear aligners instead of metal clasps and wires

Advantages of Invisalign® method

22 hours a day for a beautiful smile

Invisible dental braces

Invisalign® aligners are almost invisible. Patients often emphasize that their friends and relatives don’t notice that they undergo orthodontic treatment.


​Treatment is shorter

Treatment with Invisalign® aligners lasts shorter than in case of traditional braces.

Oral hygiene

Orthodontic aligners can be taken out before brushing and flossing of teeth which facilitates keeping proper oral hygiene.

​Less frequent visits at the orthodontist

Patient should come to an appointment every 6-8 weeks. During treatment with traditional method, the visits take place on a monthly basis.

​No pain

Treatment at Straight Teeth Clinic is practically painless – during the treatment lower pressures are set in comparison to traditional one.

​Forecasted effects from the onset of treatment

Invisalign® system enables seeing expected movement of teeth and final treatment results.

No dietary restrictions

Invisalign® aligners are removed during eating so patients can enjoy eating favourite dishes and different drinks.

Lack of metal clasps and wires

Treatment with clear aligners eliminates metal clasps and wires and it means that a patient spends less time during follow-up visits at Straight Teeth Clinic.

​Keeping previous active lifestyle

During orthodontic treatment longer travels such as business trips are possible as the patient takes with him the aligners.  Invisalign® method at Straight Teeth Clinic is also chosen by musicians or sportsmen. Treatment with clear aligners enables playing wind instruments or training risk-bearing sports.

​Advantages underlined by patients of Straight Teeth Clinic.

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Costs of treatment?

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