About the Clinic 

We specialise in Invisalign® method

Specialisation in treatment with Invisalign®

Straight Teeth Clinic has focused on the most modern orthodontic treatment with clear Invisalign® aligners. In our clinic we don’t apply other traditional methods of orthodontic treatment.

Our experience and specialisation in the field of Invisalign® method allow us to ensure effective treatment and patient’s comfort during the whole treatment process. What makes our clinic different from other is the application of modern methods of computer 3D planning and visualisation of treatment process. We use in our work most modern achievements that do not require preparation of plaster cast – we take advantage of medical equipment such as intraoral scanner iTERO® that allows to create a computer 3D model of occlusion and avoid uncomfortable preparation of impression for the patient.



​We cooperate with the best experts in the world such as dr Andrea Bazzucci in order to provide each patient optimal and effective treatment with the safest therapy being undertaken.


Specialisation in treatment with Invisalign®

Straight Teeth Clinic is specialising in only ONE treatment method with Invisalign®.

No impressions of teeth

Teeth scanning with the use of iTERO® scanner instead of traditional impressions.

Modern treatment planning

3D computer models of treatment plan.

Consultation regarding complicated cases

Team work – consulting complicated cases with one of the greatest authorities of Invisalign® method in the world – dr Andrea Bazzucci

Individual approach to each patient

Your beautiful smile is within a reach!

In our clinic we approach each patient individually and we promote team work with doctors of different specialisations: prosthetists, implantologists and dentists focused on aesthetic dentistry to ensure each patient the best possible result of a ‘beautiful smile’.

Our experts from Straight Teeth Clinic constantly broaden their knowledge and abilities to provide patients with care at the highest, world level.

​Interiors of Straight Teeth Clinic