Clear teeth aligners

Already almost 12 million patients all over the world have used Invisalign® method.

Revolution in orthodontics

Active lifestyle without sacrifices

Shorter treatment period

3 easy steps to beautiful smile

Treatment with Invisalign® method at Straight Teeth Clinic involves 3 simple steps.

  1. Treatment plan and visualisation of smile at a ‘start-up’ visit.

  2. Using by patient individually designed and manufactured straightening teeth aligners.

  3. Follow-up visits at orthodontist every 6-8 weeks.


Step 1 – treatment plan

During the first visit at Straight Teeth Clinic, a certified Invisalign® doctor will discuss in detail your problems with occlusion, conduct medical interview and confirm whether your malocclusion could be treated with Invisalign® aligners. You will be also provided with information what effects can be expected during the treatment. Eliminating malocclusion with Invisalign® method may be applied in case of majority of patients with either minor or complicated malocclusion, both with teenagers and adults.

During the meeting the doctor will provide detailed information about the course and length of treatment, its costs and will also answer all questions and doubts. A plan of straightening teeth together with visualisations with the use of 3D technologies will be presented starting from the initial position until the final effect that will be accomplished after the treatment.

After arrangement of treatment plan and visualisation of teeth straightening, patient accepts the presented plan. Individual straightening aligners for the whole treatment process are ordered. Depending on the complexity of malocclusion and assumed treatment plan, the number of aligners may vary for each patient.

In our Clinic we don’t use traditional impression techniques and plaster cast of occlusion. A unique activity performed that makes our process different from others is the preparation of virtual teeth model of our patient at the first visit which means teeth scanning with the use of modern iTero® scanner. Teeth scanning consists of taking a series of teeth photos and building a 3D computer occlusion model on the screen of the computer which enables immediate visualisation of the state of occlusion and simulation of expected improvement.  Making photos and virtual impression is much more precise than a traditional impression and plaster cast thus facilitating precise planning of treatment.

Step 2 – aligners

Based on virtual 3D model and established treatment plan, individually designed aligners adjusted to patient’s teeth will be prepared. Invisalign® aligners are made of thermoplastic transparent silicone that does not irritate cheeks of gums. Putting on new orthodontic aligners is made upon doctor’s recommendations. Patient wears aligners 20-22h per day, taking them out e.g. during eating. Their exchange takes place according to arrangements every 7-10 days. Easy and comfortable to wear aligners can be removed without problems for the time of eating or oral hygiene. With each day of wearing the aligners, teeth are smoothly and gradually moving to the new places. This is a clear way to more beautiful smile.

Step 3 – follow-up visits

Patient comes to follow-up visits every 6-8 weeks, according to established schedule. The visits last shorter than in case of traditional method of straightening teeth as there is no need to exchange the clasps, wires or ligatures. During the appointment the doctor controls the course of treatment comparing it with the previously established 3D plan. He also provides patient with aligners for further weeks of treatment.


Learn the rules for using Invisalign®

Digital treatment map

Each Invisalign® patient may see how will his smile look like already before commencing the treatment thanks to ClinCheck® technology that enables creating digital map of the course of the complete Invisalign® treatment. The doctor from Straight Teeth Clinic prepares precise, individual treatment plan including the exact movement of teeth and time needed for treatment.

​Below we are presenting Clin Checks of Straight Teeth Clinic patients:

“Clin Check” means a computer-generated treatment plan – simulation of teeth movement during orthodontic treatment.

“Clin Check” is performed in case of every patient BEFORE treatment and submitted to patient’s approval during fists visits in the Clinic.

This virtual treatment plan shows our patient in detailed way how will the teeth be straightened, what will be the stages of treatment and how long it will last as well as the number of Invisalign® aligners he will need to use.

Woman, 40 years of age, multiple dental crowding

Woman, 40 year of age multiple dental crowding, movement of midline, crossbite

Lack of manual impressions

Rozwój stomatologii cyfrowej spowodował zastąpienie wykonywanych ręcznie wycisków zębów skanerem wewnątrzustnym, który pozwala uzyskiwać precyzyjne cyfrowe obrazy 3D zębów. Stworzenie komputerowych modeli 3D w Klinice Proste Zęby służy do opracowania planu leczenia ortodontycznego pacjenta.

Treatment does not interfere with everyday activities.

Aligners should be worn 22h per day, they can be taken out for 2 hours. Due to easiness of removing and putting on of aligners, patients can enjoy their favourite dishes and drinks without any restrictions. Persons practising contact sports do not have to remove clear aligners Invisalign® during the training and worry about possible injuries as they tightly adhere to teeth, protect them and do not irritate cheeks, what in contrast may happen with patients wearing clasps and wires.


​Precision without pain.

Aligners in Invisalign system are made of SmartTrack material which makes them comfortable to wear and enables precise adjustment to patient’s gum line. It ensures better adjustment of clear aligner to patients teeth. Aligners are easy to put in and take out and wearing them is practically painless. In case of traditional dental braces patients frequently suffer from pain.

Comparison of cost of treatment

Traditional treatmentTreatment with Invisalign®
duration2 years1,5 year
consultation200złincluded in price
panoramic images500złincluded in price
treatment plan500złincluded in price
bottom teeth braces*3000złincluded in price
upper teeth braces*3000złincluded in price
number of appointments248
follow-up visits (250zł/per one)4800złincluded in price
exchange of braces3000złexchange of braces included in price
failures of braces**300-500złincluded in price***
complete treatment15 500zł16 500zł
*aparat estetyczny, porcelanowy

**np. koszt naprawy odklejonego zamka

***w cenie zniszczone i zgubione nakładki

Arguments in favour of Invisalign®

What benefitWhat advantageHow is it possible?
Treatment is shorter18 months vs 24 monthsThere are possible different movements of teeth at one time, in case of traditional treatment certain movements need to be performed separately.
Less frequent appointmentsEvery 2-3 months vs every monthPatient by exchanging aligners on a weekly basis for the next series of aligners activates himself the treatment. In traditional method patient needs to go to the doctor in order for him to activate the next stage of treatment.
Better oral hygieneSeries of removable alignersPatients can remove aligners during meals and afterwards they brush teeth and put aligners in once again.
Better aesthetic effectInvisible alignersInvisalign® aligners are made of thermoplastic, transparent silicone, which is practically invisible.
Treatment is painlessMore comfort for the patientThere is a possibility to use lighter pressure as exchange into other aligners takes place on a weekly basis so it is possible to apportion the monthly pressure needed for teeth movement for lighter pressure used every week.
More beneficial treatment in case of periodontitisApplication of lower pressureThere is a possibility to use lighter pressure as exchange into other aligners takes place on a weekly basis so it is possible to apportion the monthly pressure needed for teeth movement for lighter pressure used every week. Planning of teeth movement with 0,1 mm precision allows better control of periodontium in comparison to traditional orthodontic methods.
Keeping active lifestyleSeries of aligners adjusted to teethThere is a possibility to practise even most risk-bearing sports – no risk of clasp’s detachment or cheek irritation through the wire etc.
Long travels allowedIndividually designed and manufactured set of aligners for each patient.Patient may receive series of individually adjusted aligners for the period needed until the next appointment – so if a patient plans to travel away for 4 months, he can still continue active treatment on his own every week by putting on the next pair of aligners without the need to visit the orthodontist.